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16 Best Views Of Positano That Are Jaw-Dropping

Are you looking for the best views of Positano?  Positano is a beautiful town on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. This seaside paradise overlooks the calm blue Mediterranean Sea. With a photogenic spot on every corner, bright-colored houses line the winding vertical streets of Positano. 

Whether you are traveling to Positano for the beautiful hotels, the restaurants, or the beautiful beaches, one thing for sure is you will find beautiful views at all of them. 

Use these epic Italy Instagram captions for those photos you captured of these views!

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What is Positano best known for? 

Italy’s Amalfi Coast is a bucket list destination, and Positano is undoubtedly the crowning jewel of the Coast. With its pastel facades, rolling hills, and indigo waters you will find the best views in Positano’s quintessential village.  The historic village is known for its cliffside houses, and with beaches, boats, art, shopping, hikes, groves of wisterias, and easy-going locals, Positano is the perfect summer getaway!

Where are the best views in Positano

It goes without saying that Positano offers stunning views, whether you choose to look at the sea from your hotel room or take in the panorama of its hillside houses from a boat ride on the sea. Here’s a list of the best views in Positano that you must check out, including Positano hotels with the best view and the best places to eat in Positano with a view. 

Take the ferry to Positano

When you arrive and depart Positano, there’s a good chance you’ll need to take a ferry. We took the ferry from Salerno to Positano when we first arrived and saw the most beautiful views of the Amalfi Coast. When we approached Positano, the scenery took my breath away. You can book ferries at the dock or book in advance at direct ferries

Take a water taxi

There are so many towns to explore on the Amalfi Coast. If you plan to venture to any of them, consider taking a water taxi. You can book them at the ticket offices on the dock in Positano. 

Spend the day on a boat

Spending a day on the water during your time on the Amalfi Coast is a must. You can explore options on Airbnb Experiences or book at a number of other websites like Positano Boats

Where can I take pictures in Positano?

Every corner is full of Italian charm, and a photo moment is perfect for a photo and the best views of Positano. Positano is a photographer’s paradise especially if you love shooting breathtaking landscapes, lush gardens of orange, lemon, and palm trees, white houses, and delicate pastel colors, all set amongst the mediterranean sea.

Where can I see the sunset in Positano?

Best views of Positano photo of the Amalfi lit up at night.

There is no bad place to watch a sunset in my opinion, but for the best views of Positano while capturing a sunset I highly recommend by the water.

Also if you like to combine two of my favorite activities, there are many places to catch a sunset in Positano while sipping delicious cocktails, my personal favorite is Franco Bar at the infamous La Sirenuse hotel or La Tagliata which are two of the best places to eat in Positano with a view. 

Best Views Of Positano

Book A Dolce Vita Tour

Discover the best views of Positano like a classic movie star. The ‘Dolce Vita Amalfi Coast Tour’ will allow you to cross this wonderful land on a vintage ‘Ape Calessino.’ A personal guide will lead you through the most scenic and breathtaking places of the different villages of the Divine Coast starting from Ravello, passing through Atrani and Amalfi, until you reach Furore and then Positano.


The Dock

Positanto Instagrammable spot the dock in Positano
The dock in Positano

Sometimes the best views of Positano, are the simplest because everywhere is so charming, as I said it’s a photographer’s playground. Some of the best viewpoints in Positano and easiest to stumble upon is the dock at the main beach of Spiaggia Grande, just simply looking out onto the water and the surrounding abyss.

Torre Trasita Positano

Grab your hiking shoes for this trek to another one of the best views of Positano. After leaving the dock make your way up the ramp, that leads to the next beach in Positano Fornillo. Before arriving at Fornillo beach you will find one of the best viewpoints in Positano to look out on the water framed by the hilly Positano landscape.

Via Cristoforo Colombo Overlook

This street is one of the main roads in Positano and it is where you will spend a lot of your time exploring while you are here. Walk along this street down towards Albergo California Hotel and you will find some of the best viewpoints in Positano along the sidewalk.

View From The Water

View from the water one of the best views in Positano.
View of Positano from the water

My favorite view of Positano is from the water and lucky for us, it’s a super easy view to get! Below I share a few options to view Positano from the Mediterranean Sea.

Fornillo Beach

Fornillo Beach is a short walk around the headland from Positano’s main beach. The colorful beach umbrellas are why it’s rated as one of the best photo spots in Positano. It’s also cheaper to rent a beach chair here.

Fiordo Di Furore

Fiordo Di Furore is located about 4 miles southwest of Amalfi. The best way to get there is by car and the only place to park is along the highway.  A gigantic fjord opens up to create its very own hidden beach. This is a hidden (literally) gem.

Hotel Dimora Fornillo Staircase Nearby

Hotel Dimora Fornillo is right along the stairway path that leads to Fornillo Beach. A much lesser trafficked area, but still does not sacrifice those amazing Positano views. A bit of a lesser-known location, which is always nice, and also home to some of the amazing vegetation Positano is known for. It is definitely one of the Positano hotels with the best view. 

Spiaggia Grande

Spiaggia Grande one of the best views of Positano.
Spiaggia Grande

No doubt you’ll want to spend some time at the beach. Spiaggia Grande is the main beach where the ferries and boat tours arrive and depart. It’s a stony beach dominated by the stripey beach club umbrellas and has the spectacular Positano scene behind it.

There is a patch of Spiaggia Libera or free beach but you know, when in Positano go for the beach club if your budget allows. Expect to pay €25 for a chair.

Arienzo Beach

Arienzo Beach is a short boat ride away from a more secluded beach with amazing pasta! Don’t forget to reserve ahead on their website.

Francos Bar At Le Sirenuse

Franco’s Bar offers a postcard-like view of Positano that’s hard to match. It is definitely one of the best places to eat in Positano with a view. Located above the Church of Positano, this bar is flocked by travelers who want to take some memorable shots of Positano’s panorama while experiencing the happy buzz of the place.

From Franco’s, you get an unobstructed view of the hills as you soak in the sea breeze and catch the changing colors of the sky.

La Tavolozza Overlook

Always in bloom, if you are looking for the best views of Positano framed with gorgeous flowers, this is the place for you. Located on the popular Via Cristoforo Colombo, is a different vantage point.

Amalfi Drive

Amalfi Drive one of the best views of Positano.
Amalfi Drive

This is the main road that takes you from town to town along the Amalfi Coast. The views are mind-blowing and definitely, you don’t want to skip! My favorite view is near the Villa Tre Ville entrance.

Staircase By Ceramic Assunta

I definitely have a thing for staircases, spiral staircases usually get me, but this one framed with beautiful potted plants and the lush hills in the background should definitely be on your list. Again on that main drag that you are seeing mentioned a lot,  Via Cristoforo Colombo.

Buca di Bacco

The Buca Di Bacco is set just above Positano’s Marina Grande, framed by rocky hills and a sandy beach. It offers Tyrrhenian Sea views. Another one of the hotels in Positano with a view.

La Tagliata

Head for the hills to La Tagliata!  Set in the high village of Montepertuso, 1 km above Positano town.

Tucked up in the hills above Positano is a wonderful, family-run, restaurant – with one of the best views in the whole of Italy.

La Tagliata offers wholesome, traditional cuisine consisting of organically-grown vegetables and local, free-range meat.

In addition, the restaurant even offers cooking classes, including a simple lesson and a tour of the property’s garden and on-site farm.

Hotel Poseidon

One of the Positano hotels with the best view is Hotel Poseidon. Also, the home of La Tagliata, which is famous for its farm-to-table meals, takes in the best views of Positano while dining on a delicious meal.

Best Views Of Positano Map

Keep these best views of Positano handy with you and download this map. I included all the locations here.

Best Views Of Positano Conclusion

The Amalfi coast definitely is one of the most mesmerizing places I have ever been, and Positano definitely houses some of the best views I have ever seen. Amalfi Coast is truly a dream destination. If it is not on your list to visit, I hope it is after reading this.

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