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42 Swoon-Worthy Amsterdam Instagram Spots For The Perfect Photo

Are you ready to experience Europe’s gorgeous capital city, with these Amsterdam Instagram spots? Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or are finally making your first trip overseas, getting the most out of your visit can be difficult. To make sure you take advantage of every Instagrammable moment in this amazing destination, I’ve created an essential guide for anyone visiting (or dreaming of) Amsterdam! 

From hidden gems found off the beaten path to must-see destinations that no true Dutchman would deny, this list of 43 top Amsterdam Instagram spots will have more than enough ideas and inspiration for your ultimate Dutch holiday. So take a look and prepare to capture some truly unforgettable moments with these photo spots in Amsterdam. 

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42 Amsterdam Instagram Spots

So, let’s begin with this curated list of Amsterdam Instagram spots that will blow your mind and your followers too! 

1. Bloemenmarket

One of my favorite Amsterdam Instagram spots is the Bloemenmarket or Flower Market on the Singel Canal in downtown Amsterdam. You will find vibrant rainbow rows of tulips, tiny windmills, Dutch Delftsware pottery, and quaint wooden clogs – all perfect for capturing within your frame. 

Remember to take some time to sample some traditional Dutch treats like oliebollen (doughnuts), pannenkoeken (pancakes), and poffertjes (mini pancakes). Visiting Bloemenmarket provides memorable landscaped scenes and delicious snacks that are highly Instagrammable experiences!

2. Keukenhof Gardens

The Keukenhof Gardens, or Garden of Europe, is one of the most awe-inspiring Amsterdam photo spots. This park is home to over 7 million bulbs that bloom across 32 hectares each year! 

Showcasing a beautiful variety of tulips and other brightly colored flowers, this destination offers a unique landscape that you won’t want to miss. You can capture a few breathtaking photos, and the park provides guided tours and interactive activities that help you gain insight into Dutch culture and traditions.

3. De Zaanse Schans

If you’re looking for a snapshot of classic Dutch life, look no further than the De Zaanse Schans. This open-air museum features iconic green windmills, wooden cottages and houses, and traditional crafts. 

All are surrounded by a gorgeous natural setting that serves as the perfect backdrop for your Instagram shots. You can also visit some of the small museums, like the Cheese Museum and Clog Maker’s House, to get an inside look at Dutch life.

4. The Moco Museum

The Moco Museum is a unique ground for contemporary art set in the heart of Amsterdam. Featuring works from modern masters like Banksy and Roy Lichtenstein, this museum offers plenty of inspiration for your Instagram posts. 

With vibrant colors, bold patterns, and thought-provoking pieces to capture, you can easily create an album worthy of any collection. Whether it’s a landscape or an insightful perspective, The Moco Museum will provide the perfect backdrop for any shot!

5. Pllek

Pllek is the greenest restaurant in Amsterdam and offers beautiful, panoramic views of the city skyline. This family-owned eatery is located right on the banks of the IJ River and features a large terrace with plenty of seating to enjoy some Dutch delicacies. 

The restaurant also houses an art gallery and a vegan store, making it one of the top Amsterdam Instagram spots. Pllek is the perfect place to enjoy some stellar food and capture Amsterdam’s beauty!

6. Moeders Restaurant

Moeders Restaurant is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. This restaurant in the city center of Amsterdam offers traditional Dutch cuisine in a cozy atmosphere. 

Everything from sauerkraut to smoked eel can be found on the menu, but Moeders really stands out with its interior design. With vintage décor, kitschy knick-knacks, and a laid-back atmosphere, Moeders is the perfect place to capture unique shots for your Instagram feed.

7. Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum houses an extensive collection of works by the famous Dutch master and his contemporaries. Stroll through the galleries, and you will be able to admire some of his most well-known pieces, including “The Potato Eaters” and “Irises.” 

The museum’s beautiful architecture also provides a great backdrop and is why it is listed as one of the photo spots in Amsterdam. Capture some of Van Gogh’s masterpieces and create a beautiful tribute to the Dutch artist on your Instagram page!

8. Sex Museum

Another one of the Amsterdam Instagram spots is the Sex Museum, which is a unique and controversial museum in the heart of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Doors opened in 1985 and dedicates itselt to the history and culture of human sexuality. 

Inside is a collection of erotic art, photographs, sculptures, and various sex-related objects from different cultures and time periods.

The Sex Museum is a perfect Amsterdam Instagram spot for several reasons. It offers a rare and unconventional experience that will grab your followers’ attention. The exhibits are unique and provocative, providing plenty of material for Instagram-worthy photos and videos. 

Nevertheless, for curious and open-minded people, the Sex Museum offers a unique and memorable experience and the perfect opportunity for an Instagram-worthy photo or two.

9. W Hotel Rooftop Bar

For stunning views of Amsterdam, visit the rooftop bar at the W Hotel. This is one of the best chic Amsterdam Instagram spots that overlooks the city and gives you a unique perspective as you sip your drinks. 

With cozy seating areas, lush greenery, and vibrant lighting, this spot is perfect for capturing some Instagram-worthy shots with your friends!

10. Jordaan

Jordaan is a charming neighborhood in the center of Amsterdam and is home to many unique stores, galleries, restaurants, and bars. 

This buzzing district offers plenty of sights for your Instagram page – from colorful street art to beautiful canals lined with Dutch-style architecture. Stroll through Jordaan and discover all the hidden gems this part of Amsterdam has to offer!

11. Exterior of Anne Frank House

The exterior of Anne Frank House is an important symbol of Amsterdam’s history. This building was once the hiding place for a Jewish family during World War II and has since been turned into a museum dedicated to her story. Pay your respects and capture some poignant shots of the Anne Frank House for your Instagram page.

12. Oude Kerk

The Oude Kerk is the oldest church in Amsterdam and dates back to the 13th century. This beautiful building, surrounded by a picturesque garden, offers a great opportunity for you to capture some awe-inspiring shots of Dutch architecture. 

Wander through its hallways and take in its history – then snap some unique photos for your Instagram feed.

13. Cafe Thijssen

Another one of my favorite Amsterdam photo spots is, Cafe Thijssen. A popular spot for locals and tourists alike. This charming cafe overlooks the Herengracht canal and provides a beautiful backdrop. Enjoy Dutch delicacies and capture Instagram-worthy photos with this quaint Dutch cafe as your backdrop!

14. Hortus Botanicus

Hortus Botanicus is one of the greenest places in Amsterdam, home to various exotic plants and trees. This botanical garden offers plenty of photo opportunities, from its beautiful glasshouses to its lush gardens. 

Capture some stunning shots of nature while exploring Hortus Botanicus – it’s sure to add some vibrant greenery to your Instagram page!

15. Polaberry Cake & Coffee Bar

Polaberry Cake & Coffee Bar is the perfect spot to satisfy your sweet tooth. This popular cafe offers a variety of delicious cakes and coffees, making it the ideal place for you to enjoy some Dutch treats and take some Instagram-worthy shots. So remember to include this cozy cafe on your next visit to Amsterdam!

16. Rijksmuseum Library

The Rijksmuseum Library is an enchanting space that often goes unnoticed and one of the best photo spots in Amsterdam. It houses over 350,000 books, manuscripts, and other objects from the museum collection. 

Please explore its winding hallways and capture some unique photos for your Instagram page! So make sure to add this hidden gem to your Amsterdam itinerary.

17. A’Dam Lookout Tower

The A’Dam Lookout Tower offers some of the most stunning views of Amsterdam. This 360-degree observation deck is located near the Centraal Station and gives you a magnificent view of this majestic city below. So take some time to admire the beauty of one of the top Amsterdam Instagram spots.

18. The Begijnhof

The Begijnhof is a special place in Amsterdam and is home to some of the oldest houses in the city. This tranquil courtyard is often overlooked but offers a unique insight into Amsterdam’s past. Capture some Instagram-worthy shots of this historic spot – its serene atmosphere will make for some stunning photos.

19. Nine Streets District

There is nowhere quite like the Nine Streets District of Amsterdam. Located in the city’s heart and known for its distinctive canals and narrow, cobblestone roads, this trendy district is one of the most Instagrammable places in Amsterdam.

 One can capture charming boutiques, specialty food stores, and open-air cafes here. Beyond beautiful buildings, visitors might stumble upon an ancient structure built hundreds of years ago or uncover even more hidden gems behind every corner! With all of its unique backdrops, Amsterdam’s Nine Streets District is no doubt an ideal destination to use while searching for the perfect Amsterdam Instagram spots!

20. Zevenlandenhuizen

The Zevenlandenhuizen is a unique gem located in the Jordaan area of Amsterdam. This impressive building was designed by Dutch architect Willem Dudok. It is one of, in my opinion, the best photo spots in Amsterdam for capturing some unique shots of Dutch architecture.

21. The Canals In Amsterdam

Of course, the canals are a must-see and are one of the most Instagrammable places in Amsterdam. Besides just snapping pictures along the canal and Amsterdam’s iconic bridges, take a boat ride on the Herengracht or Brouwersgracht.

22. The Damrak

The Damrak is one of the busiest streets in Amsterdam and a great place to capture some unique shots. This vibrant street is full of people, shops, cafes, and other attractions.

23. Amsterdam Central Station

Amsterdam Central Station is an iconic landmark and of course on of the most popular Amsterdam Instagram spots. Also, it’s one of the busiest train stations in Europe. Capture some great snaps of its impressive facade or take a peek inside and shoot some candid photos of travelers.

24. Vondelkerk

Exploring Amsterdam can feel like stepping back in time; the Vondelkerk is the perfect example. You can find it located near one of Amsterdam’s buzzing main squares, this Renaissance Revival church is an iconic structure. 

Vondelkerk provides a stunning backdrop for your Instagram.  Its light yellow facade stands out against surrounding buildings and the stained glass windows brings a pop of color. No matter what brings you to this inspiring city, remember to take a few snaps at Vondelkerk before you move on!

25. NDSM Wharf

The NDSM Wharf is an urban artistic spot located on the banks of the river IJ. It was previously a shipyard, and since has been transformed into a vibrant cultural hub. There are many quirky cafes and art galleries to browse or take shots of the imposing industrial buildings scattered throughout. 

This Amsterdam Instagram spot offers an interesting mix of urban and natural elements – so don’t miss out on the chance to capture a one-of-a-kind shot!

26. Het Brillenpalais

If you’re looking for some unique Instagram spots in Amsterdam, consider making a stop at Het Brillenpalais. This eyeglass store stands out with its bright colors and hanging ivy!

27. Herengracht

The Herengracht is a picturesque canal in Amsterdam’s city center and an ideal spot to take some amazing photos. Make your Instagram feed stand out by getting some snaps of Amsterdam’s iconic canals and bridges while on the Herengracht for a unique perspective. 

The historic buildings that line the canals contrast the modern architecture around them, giving your images a timeless feel.

28. The Royal Palace Of Amsterdam

The Royal Palace of Amsterdam is one of the city’s most iconic structures and for Amsterdam photo opportunities. The grand halls and corridors in your pictures will make your Instagram followers green with envy! The interior is pretty impressive and has plenty of interesting scenes for you to capture.

29. Prinsengracht Prince’s Canal

The Prinsengracht, or also known as Prince’s Canal, is one of Amsterdam’s most popular destinations for Instagrammers. Snap at photo here for the gram of this picturesque waterway runs through the city’s heart and is lined with charming canal boats, houseboats, and traditional Dutch architecture. 

30. Gingerbread Homes Of Amsterdam

We all know Amsterdam is known for its many canals and adorable gingerbread homes, which make it fantastic for any Instagram post. Whether you’re looking to capture traditional Dutch architecture or the houses’ vibrant colors, this area will provide a cozy backdrop for your next Instagram post. 

Be sure to take snag some shots of the canal boats while you’re here. This homes for sure are one of my favorite Instagram spots in Amsterdam.

31. Vondelpark

Vondelpark is a popular park and in my opinion one of the best spots for photos in Amsterdam. This vast space offers something unique for every Instagrammer. In the springtime you can capture some shots of the colorful tulips, or see the leaves changing in autumn.

32. Windmills (Brouwerij’t IJ)

The traditional Dutch windmills are a true symbol of Amsterdam. If you’re looking for a unique backdrop for your Instagram posts, head over to the windmills at Brouwerij’t IJ for stunning shots of these iconic structures. This area is particularly picturesque during sunset!

33. Staalmeestersbrug Love Lock Bridge

One of the most Instagrammable places in Amsterdam is Staalmeestersbrug, or Love Lock Bridge. This unique bridge is covered in thousands of love locks – making it an ideal place to take pictures. 

Take some shots of the lock-covered bridge or snap a romantic selfie with your loved one – whatever you choose to photograph here, you’ll surely capture some unique and creative images for your Instagram account.

34. With Dutch Street Food 

This European city offers a lush landscape of photo moments from traditional Dutch street food, such as the famous Manneken Pis, to majestic windmills and stunning canals. Whether you prefer bold and modern architecture or cozy cobblestone alleys, Amsterdam offers an abundance of visually stunning locations. 

Be sure to include Manneken Pis in your itinerary if you’re looking for a classic Dutch street food experience – it promises to make a delicious addition to your online grid!

35. De Pijp Area

The De Pijp area of Amsterdam is a great spot for Instagrammers. It’s a hip, vibrant neighborhood full of life and color – perfect for adding creative content to your Instagram feed. Explore the cozy streets, take pictures of the colorful street art, and capture the unique atmosphere at one of the top Amsterdam Instagram spots.

36. De Beurs Passage

De Beurs Passage is one of Amsterdam’s most unique locations, making a great backdrop for Instagram photos. This impressive 19th-century shopping arcade offers abundant, vibrant colors, intricate architecture, and interesting details – perfect for getting creative with your shots. 

37. Magere Brug

Magere Brug, or Skinny Bridge, is a must-visit for Instagrammers in Amsterdam – the iconic bridge creates an extra special backdrop for your pictures. 

When visiting Magere Brug, capture its unique design and admire the picturesque views of the Amstel river. 

38. Rijksmuseum Cycle Path

For a unique photo opportunity, visit the Rijksmuseum Cycle Path. Which, this is one of my favorite  Amsterdam Instagram spots. This path is located directly in front of Amsterdam’s famous museum and offers amazing views of its iconic architecture. 

39. I Amsterdam Sign

One of the most Amsterdam Instagrammable places is the  I Amsterdam Sign. This large sign can be found at Museumplein and is particularly popular amongst Instagrammers – make sure you get your shot here! 

The perfect place for taking photos, standing in front of the ‘I Amsterdam’ sign, and snapping away for some amazing Instagram posts!  ​

40. Reguliersgracht

Reguliersgracht is an ideal spot for Instagrammers looking to capture the beauty of Amsterdam’s canals. The views from this canal are truly exquisite, it’s a must-see destination when visiting the city.

41. Mama Kelly

Mama Kelly is an iconic restaurant and one of the top Amsterdam Instagram spots. I’m obsessed with its charming decor and vibrant atmosphere. This eatery also offers some great Instagram opportunities.  Whether it’s the interior design or the delicious food, there are plenty of great things to photograph at this restaurant.  ​

42. Canal Boat Ride

A trip to Amsterdam wouldn’t be complete without taking a canal boat ride and snapping a photo. It’s like the postcard you were there. Go cruising down the city’s picturesque canals and take in views of its iconic buildings – you’ll surely capture some great images along the way!

Amsterdam Instagram Spots Final Thoughts

Hope you enjoyed this list of the top Amsterdam Instagram spots. In my opinion it is one of the most beautiful places in the world, with numerous Instagram-worthy spots. From churches atop hills to windmills overlooking canals, Amsterdam has it all! 

So grab your camera, and hit up these ultimate Amsterdam Instagram spots! Remember to hashtag #AmsterdamInstagramSpots on Twitter and Instagram, so others know there’s beauty at every angle in Amsterdam!

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