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Discover The Best Galapagos Cruise: Quasar Expeditions

All aboard! Wondering what is the best Galapagos cruise? Here we are going to share one of the best cruises to the Galapagos Islands to hop on board. As the world spins on the axis of routine, there are still places where the unexpected is the norm and where nature will leave you awestruck. Among these, the Galapagos Islands stand as an irreplaceable destination to visit. 

This breathtaking archipelago offers nature unraveling its spectacle through the lens of evolution. If you want to embrace this untamed part of the world with a dash of luxury, look no further. We invite you to step aboard the Quasar Expeditions, the best Galapagos cruise to embark on an extraordinary journey.

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The Best Galapagos Cruise Helpful Information

Before we embark on our discussion, about the Galapagos cruise let me provide you with some information for planning your trip.

What Month Is Best For Galapagos?

The Galapagos Islands, renowned for their biodiversity offer wonders throughout the year. As these islands are located near the equator they enjoy a warm climate all year round. The best time for you to take a Galapagos cruise depends on what you desire to witness and experience. We will be a little more specific here.

The Warm Season (December – June)

From December to February the warmer season begins. As December approaches expect showers, but calmer seas. This period is perfect for snorkeling as the waters attract an underwater ecosystem.

In January land birds, marine iguanas and Galapagos tortoises begin their breeding season. By February more flamingos start nesting on Floreana Island.

March is considered one of the months when colorful flowers bloom and exotic birds like the waved albatrosses make their arrival.

April is a time, for wildlife enthusiasts as it marks the hatching season of green sea turtles. In May you’ll have the opportunity to witness captivating courtship displays by footed boobies and tropical birds.

As we approach the end of the season marine birds and sea lions become more active making June an exciting time, for observing wildlife.

The Cool Season (July – November)

From July to September the cooler season begins with currents that lead to a surge in fish populations. This attracts seabirds, such as the blue footed boobies and magnificent frigate birds, who engage in intricate courtship dances.

In August there’s a treat for penguin enthusiasts as the Galapagos penguins become highly active.

From October to November there is a period of bird activity with species nesting.

November brings, back temperatures and increased sea lion activity. It’s also when some land birds begin nesting.

When Is The Best Time To Cruise The Galapagos Islands?

Whether you seek the chance to observe land birds and giant tortoises in their natural habitats or would like to snorkel with sea lions, there are correct answers when it comes to what time of year is best for a Galapagos cruise. 

It depends entirely on your interests and preferences. If you’d like to witness the mating displays of birds, the best months are March through May. Snorkeling and swimming with sea lions is at its peak in August. For views of nesting green sea turtles, April offers an unbeatable experience.

Are Galapagos Cruises Expensive?

Galapagos cruises are well known for their opportunities to witness wildlife encounters. We firmly believe that they can be considered an investment. However, expenses can vary depending on how long you plan on staying, the type of yacht, and the time of year you plan to visit.

Top-notch Galapagos Island cruises can start at $5,000 per couple. This quote is for a shorter-duration cruise. We know it may be a little pricey; however, they usually include accommodations, guided tours, and many chances to observe the wildlife on the islands up close. Although they may not offer all the luxuries provided by high-end cruises, they still provide a way to explore and appreciate the beauty of the Galapagos.

For those where money isn’t a concern, luxury Galapagos cruises range from $15,000 to $20,000 per couple. Cruises offered by companies like Quasar Expeditions can justify their prices with service standards, lush accommodations, gourmet dining experiences, and exclusive access to remote locations within the islands. These packages typically include expert guides and many activities such as snorkeling and hiking.

Although Galapagos cruises are expensive in terms of cost, we would like to note that this is not your typical vacation experience. A cruise, in the Galapagos Islands is an adventure where you can experience the extraordinary ecosystems on Earth. It’s, like stepping into a living museum and witnessing an abundance of wildlife!

What Animals Will I Expect To See In The Galapagos?

A cruise in the Galapagos feels like stepping into a part of the world that remains untouched. These islands are home to a variety of animals that cannot be found else on Earth. Let me introduce you to some of the species we encountered during our journey.

Marine Iguanas

These creatures, the only lizards in the world that can live in both land and sea spend their days basking on rocks and swimming in the ocean to feed on algae. With their gray bodies and dragon-like appearance, they ooze a sense of charm.

Galapagos Giant Tortoises

Representing the essence of the Galapagos these majestic creatures have lifespans exceeding a century. Their leisurely pace, domed shell, and wise expressions make them an absolute favorite among visitors. You’ll often find them roaming around the highlands of Santa Cruz Island.

Blue-Footed Boobies

These birds, renowned for their feet and piercing gaze inhabit various islands within the Galapagos archipelago. If you’re patient enough you may witness their captivating mating dance as they proudly display their feet.

Galapagos Penguins

The Galapagos Islands are home to the world’s smallest penguin species. It’s fascinating to note that these penguins are also unique as they dwell at the equator.

Galapagos Sea Lions

The Galapagos sea lions are a sight to see as well. They swim very swiftly in the waters or relax on the rocky shores. Observing them laying the sun, on beaches, or diving into the waves was quite the experience to witness. Snorkeling alongside these friendly creatures was an experience we will never forget.

Darwin’s Finches

Known for their contribution to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by selection Darwin’s Finches consist of 13 distinct species of small land birds. Each species showcases a beak shape and size perfectly adapted to their dietary needs.

Galapagos Hawks

Considered as the apex predators of the islands Galapagos Hawks exhibit fearlessness towards humans. Their powerful presence ensures that they play a role in maintaining balance, within the island ecosystem by managing rodent and insect populations.

Best Luxury Galapagos Cruise – Quasar Expeditions

There are many ways to discover the rawness of the Galapagos Islands. Our personal favorite was Quasar Expeditions. We will tell you why you should book with them.

Quasar Expeditions has a reputation for providing an experience that stands out from the other luxury Galapagos cruises.

Commitment to Luxury

When you first step on board a Quasar Expeditions yacht you’ll immediately notice their details to make you sure you have a luxurious experience. Each room inside the yacht is like a floating hotel and each of their cabins ensures comfort. Quasar Expeditions makes their attention to detail very obvious from the bedding to balconies!

Gourmet Dining Experience

Every meal we had on Quasar Expedition cruise was a delight. The onboard chefs create visually stunning dishes for every meal inspired by international cuisine and local flavors. They will also cater to preferences —I even requested chicken nuggets one night and Quasar Expedition happily fulfilled my craving!

Exclusive Exploration

What truly sets Quasar apart is their selection of activities. It’s one of the cruises to take for exploring the Galapagos Islands. The company specializes in organizing small group trips to ensure you have an intimate experience firsthand with nature. This approach also allows for access to locations that are often restricted for groups.

World-Class Guides

The guides at Quasar Expeditions are not only experts in their fields but also passionate ambassadors of the Galapagos. They possess knowledge about the plant and animal life as well as the history of the region ensuring that guests make the most out of their exploration.

Their enthusiasm and dedication enhance the experience making each excursion a rewarding learning adventure.

Contribution to Conservation

A journey with Quasar Expeditions is not just a vacation but an opportunity to contribute to conservation efforts. The company is strongly committed, to preserving the Galapagos by implementing practices and supporting conservation initiatives.

Best Galapagos Cruise Conclusion

We cannot recommend enough choosing Quasar Expeditions cruises to explore the Galapagos Islands. They blend a healthy indulgence of luxury and nature which is quite an experience in itself! By booking a cruise with the Quasar Expeditions you can ensure their team of naturalists and acclaimed chefs guarantee will provide you with an unforgettable journey!

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