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Best Miami Beach Rooftop Bars: Top Watering Holes By The Beach

The warm weather calls for long night outs with friends and family, and I have the perfect guide you’ll want to keep with you at all times. In this post, you can find the best Miami Beach rooftop bars with a brief description of what they offer, what you can expect, and more! 

Let’s proceed with this ultimate list of the best rooftop bars in Miami Beach for endless nights of fun!

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Boulan South Beach

Boulan is a great rooftop bar in Miami Beach with a luxury vibe. It features a beautiful rooftop pool and comfy sofas to enjoy a refreshing drink, as well as lawn games to stay entertained. 

The combination of the decor with palm trees truly makes you feel in Miami, and while you admire them make sure to check out the stunning view of the skyline as well.

As if this wasn’t enough, the black-and-white aesthetic of this rooftop bar is simply divine. If you love taking pictures, make sure you bring your best outfit for this night out!

Gitano Miami At Casa Faena

Gitano Miami is one of those places you cannot go while in the city. It features Tulum-inspired decor, stunning greenery and statement furniture, and a fantastic menu that includes Mexican entrées such as tostadas and salsa, and guacamole and tortilla chips.

This place has both indoor and outdoor seating options, excellent for all kinds of weather (and outfits!). Tropical vibes, refreshing drinks, and incredible skyline views can be found at Gitano Miami

Watr At The 1 Rooftop 

Watr is by far one of the best Miami Beach rooftop bars you’ll ever go to. For starters, the place is stunning, with beautiful wood tables and matching wicker chairs; and I can’t forget to mention the multiple small trees planted in the middle with lights surrounding each.

The best part of this place is the view of the city from above. You can see all of Miami from here while enjoying a nice, refreshing drink.

This Japanese rooftop bar features a unique menu with classic dishes like champagne and oysters, as well as a defined dress code: a relaxed, casual look for the day, and a chic-casual outfit, with stylish statements, for the night.

Rooftop Cinema Club

Rooftop Cinema Club is one of the best unconventional rooftop bars in Miami Beach where you can have a refreshing drink while enjoying some classic movies on a giant screen. This place has plenty of tables scattered across the rooftop as well as comfy fake grass to sit in, and game boards. 

The bar serves everything from beer, wine, cocktails, alcohol-free drinks, and mineral water. To accompany your drink of choice, feel free to have some delicious popcorn, hot dogs, or sweets. The best part? the amazing view of the Miami skyline!

HIGHBAR at Dream South Beach 

In their words, HIGHBAR features a “pinnacle-of-the-1970s glammed-out lounge”, paired with an infinity pool and stunning ocean views. This place is included in multiple best rooftop bars in Miami Beach guides, and I can understand why!

Apart from the incredible decor, you’ll find delicious Mexican dishes courtesy of Naked Taco, and excellent cocktails to accompany them. If you want to experience the authentic Miami Beach night experience, this is the perfect place.

Serena Rooftop Bar

Serena is a sophisticated rooftop bar with mouth-watering Mexican dishes and classic cocktails. This place is incredibly beautiful, and features plenty of flower trees and decor in the same colors, excellent for taking pictures for your feed. 

It is known as one of the most aesthetic Miami Beach rooftop bars so you should definitely check it out during your visit. My favorite drinks on the menu are the mango tree margarita and the mega spritz. They also have excellent alcohol-free options. 

C-LEVEL Rooftop

C-Level is located on the Clevelander Hotel’s rooftop terrace and features a cozy and modern atmosphere. Decorated with colorful accents, this minimalist Miami Beach rooftop bar is known for its long nights of fun.

A drink in hand, watching the stunning Miami skyline, surrounded by friends, sounds like the perfect plan, doesn’t it? This is the place to enjoy a true Miami night of endless entertainment!

Editor Rooftop at Urbanica Fifth Hotel

Another highly-recommended Miami Beach rooftop bar thanks to its lovely atmosphere and incredible views of the city is Editor Rooftop at Urbanica. Here you can enjoy live music, excellent drinks, and light dishes such as pizza, salads, and pasta to accompany your night.

Editor Rooftop’s decor is what attracts most people, with wooden chairs, marble-inspired small tables, and lots of greenery.

The dress code is casual, so you can easily come after work or with comfortable clothing of your choice. Make sure to bring a camera to document your memories!

The Roof At Esme Hotel

If you love aesthetic places like me, you’ll love The Roof. This Miami Beach rooftop bar knows how to serve you a good time, featuring beautiful tables, accompanied by wicker chairs and red sofas. Apart from this, you can find wooden accents and lots of greenery, perfect for taking pictures. 

The menu features classic options like pizza and salads, but the real deal can be found in their main dishes. Lamb chops, slow-roasted chicken, and steak frites are some of the delicious options you can enjoy here.

The Goodtime Hotel

The Goodtime Hotel’s Strawberry Moon is a Mediterranean, contemporary, high-energy bar and swim club with a unique atmosphere straight out of The White Lotus.

Created by David Grutman and Pharrell Williams, this place is known for offering a good time. With a private and cozy dining area, the covered terrace optimal for all weather, and the spacious outdoor deck, Strawberry Moon is a local favorite.

Speaking of local favorites, the menu is another thing worth praising. Some popular dishes include octopus salad, prawn kebabs, and moon bread.

Final Words For Best Miami Beach Rooftop Bars

In this Miami Beach rooftop bars guide I talked about some of my favorite spots for a casual night out. Which one was your favorite? Don’t forget to save this guide and share it with friends so you always have a Friday night plan!

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