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18 Cute Poses To Step Up Your Instagram Game

Are you tired of your plain and boring pictures and need some cute poses? Do you want to take pictures but feel awkward in front of the camera? Well, I’ve come up with many answers to these questions.

Below you can find 18 cute poses for all body types, phones, Instagram feeds, and more, so you can take better pictures with little effort every time. 

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Cute poses Pinterest pin. Text says cute Instagram poses. Posing in the water at sunset.

Cute Poses For The Camera Shy

Below I have your ultimate inspiration for cute poses for your Instagram photos. Step up your Instagram game with the easy cute poses to replicate!

Walking To The Camera

Walking to the camera can help you get great shots and replicate the paparazzi pictures all models are posting on their Insta. You can pretend to look away from the camera while walking toward it and play around with this for a while to have loads of pictures to choose from. 

This tip is great for any location, and if you’re looking for cute poses to post, you should definitely try this one out. 

Cute Photo Poses For Twirling

Twirling pictures don’t necessarily have to be with a partner, thus you can turn on your own and still achieve an Insta-worthy shot. Just slowly twirl to allow the camera to capture your movement without blur, and play around with the position of your body.

Cute twirling poses include putting your arms above your head, like a ballerina, to your side, as if you’re playing with an imaginary skirt and with one arm up and one down, just as if you were dancing flamenco. 

Cute Poses For Sitting

Cute Poses for sitting photo. posing leaning on a palm tree.

If we talk about cute poses for pictures we have to include sitting on a nice chair or couch, as well as stairs and any other space you think you can get a creative shot. To do this, it is recommended that you experiment with different camera angles (taking the picture from above, below, the side, etc) as well as the position of your body. 

Pro tip: Pay attention to your legs and how you position them to create depth and dimension!

Props For Cute Poses

Taking pictures might feel awkward at first, therefore for all the cute selfie poses and cute beach poses for Instagram you’re dying to do, we recommend you some easy-to-find props. 

Sunglasses, your phone (or just the case if you’re using your phone to take the pic), a hat, and any other accessory you have nearby can all help you get excellent pictures in no time.

Poses For Crossing Arms

Crossing your arms in pictures looks incredible, and because you’re here to get inspiration to take cute poses for pictures, we want to help you out. Try crossing your arms with your hands slightly open to give the shot a sense of elegance; you can also play with the angles which you take your photo from.

If you’re searching for cute beach poses for Instagram this can be applied as well. Position yourself facing away from the camera and rotate your body a bit, with your arms crossed, to achieve a casual and perfect shot.

Throwing Object Poses

Caps, keys, balls, or any other small object can be used in this cute pose and It will create a sense of movement and take your picture to the next level. Pick a location with good lighting and a clear background preferably, or if you love nature you can choose a green-inspired backdrop too. 

What to have in mind: If your object is small and dark, picking a white or light wall behind you will help the picture look better, whereas if you want to stand in a “noisy” background your prop may not be very visible. 

Cute Poses For Hand-On Hip

The hand-on-hip is a classic in the cute poses playbook everyone should know about. Place your hand on your hip and lay your body weight on one foot to make your figure stand out. 

This cute pose can also be used by couples, in which you face your partner, with your body slightly towards the camera, and your hands on your loved one’s hip. It is one of the most common cute couples poses you’ll see all over the internet. 

Posing When Dining

Pinterest has entered the chat. If you’ve ever searched “cute poses for Instagram” or “cute selfie poses” on the app, you probably have seen this trend. On your next date (with a partner, friends, or yourself!) take pictures while you wait for your food to arrive; you can also take the classic eating-my-dinner picture that is super cute.

Pro tip: make sure you have good lighting (with or without flash, depending on your preferences) and that the background is not too distracting for people when they see your photo. 

Playing With Hair Poses

Cute poses for pictures photo. Posing with hand in hair leaning against a wall.

Playing with your hair is another go-to cute pose to try out. Whether you’re facing the camera or giving your back to the lens, this pose will always look incredible. If your outfit is on-point, you’ll have one of the best pictures for all your social media accounts, trust met. 

Influencer tip: Take close-up pictures using this pose to get a one-of-a-kind shot!

Poses For Hands In Pockets

Cute Poses photo with hands in pockets. Posing with hands crisscrossed in each others pockets.

Placing your hands in your pocket is excellent for taking a casual but stunning photo. It’s one of the most used cute poses by models which you can easily replicate. This one is great if you stand with your back facing the camera or with your body slightly to the side.

Cute Poses With Leaning (Back and Front To Object)

Cute photo poses photo. Girl posing leaning on a tree.

For those interested in posting unique and not-so-popular cute poses on their profile, leaning back and front will become an ace under your sleeve. Leaning back is perfect for side pictures, where the camera is placed on one of your side profiles, and leaning front is perfect for close-up pictures.

For super creative pictures, you can totally play around with this and lean to the front while the camera is placed on the side and lean back with the lens facing you. 

Cute Poses For Looking Back At Camera

Cute portrait poses photo. Girl standing on rock looking back at the camera.

Scrolling through Instagram you may have come across many cute beach poses that involve looking back at the camera while walking or just standing. Simply choose whether you’d like your full body to be in the shot or just from your hips/waist up, face your back to the camera, slightly to the side, and just turn your head around to look at the camera. 

Pro tip: Look to the side for a casual result, or even try laughing to achieve a much cuter photo.

Cute Poses At Side Angle

Cute poses photo. Girl on the beach posing on a side angle.

Since I’ve exposed many cute poses for individual pictures, I want to make this one exclusively for cute couple poses, excellent for engagement and wedding pictures. You can stand facing your partner with the camera to the side and hold your hands, as well as kiss or stare at each other very closely.

Editing tip: Side-angle pictures look incredible in black and white!

Cute Full Body Poses

Cute full body poses photo. Posing on the beach showing whole body.

Cute full-body poses are all about how you place your camera and the angle you choose to take your picture from. If you want to appear taller, put your phone/camera at a low angle, and if you want to appear shorter just take the picture from above.

It is recommended that you walk around, play with your clothes or lay your body on a wall to achieve a casual picture and also help you with getting comfortable in front of the camera. 

Playing With Object (jewelry, sunglasses)

Cute posing ideas photo. Posing with hands in front of face.

Your accessories not only elevate your look but are great props for taking a unique and creative photo. Fix your glasses, or your belt, or walk around searching your purse to get the perfect model-off-duty shot. 

Facing away from the camera while playing with an object always looks incredible, so if you’re just starting out with taking pictures of yourself and are a bit shy this will definitely help. 

Cute Poses With Leg Up

Calling all dancers or flexible yoga girls. As we said above in the article, moving your body is a must for getting different pictures with depth and various perspectives, therefore elevating your leg, whether it is a simple step forward or a full extended leg to the side or front, will make a one-of-a-kind shot.

Styling tip: Use maxi skirts or long dresses to allow the fabric to flow too, it looks incredible in pictures!

Posing With One Foot Forward

To make your body look even better than it already is, place one foot forward and slightly place the weight of your body on the opposite foot. This is recommended for outfits with dresses, jeans, and skirts.

Hands Up In The Air Poses

To close up the cute poses playbook, we have to mention the hands up in the air pose. There are many in this category you can choose from such as having both of your arms extended but slightly bent over your head, a mirror selfie with a hand completely up, or even a roof-car picture while having fun.

The sky’s the limit here and it is a great opportunity to get your creative juices flowing!

That’s All For Cute Poses

I hope this cute poses guide serves you well and you have loads of ideas and content to spice up your Instagram. I’ve shared many different cute selfie poses, cute couples poses and cute beach poses for Instagram in this article that fit all body types, phones, feeds, and more, so there are no excuses for elevating your profile.

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