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1 Day In Miami Itinerary: How To Spend 24 Hours In Miami Beach

Only 1 day in Miami? Check out our ultimate Miami itinerary to explore the city in 24 hours.

Miami is known for being the best place to relax and enjoy a fun night out with friends. Add some stunning beaches to it and you have the go-to destination for a dream vacation. But not many people can spare that many days to unwind, which is why this post will solve this problem.

If you’re visiting Miami for 24 hours and looking for some excellent activities and places to visit, I crafted the perfect Miami itinerary for you. Here you can find my top selection of cafes and restaurants, and free outdoor activities (family-friendly as well).

Ready to explore Miami? Let’s go!

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Start the Day At Bebito’s Cafe

Bebito’s Cafe

Bebito’s Cafe is a mandatory stop in your Miami day trip, and I highly recommend you start the day by ordering the avocado toast. This well-known cafe features mostly Cuban breakfast options and great coffee, apart from an authentic atmosphere. If you’re looking for a quiet spot to begin your day, Bebito’s Cafe is the place to go.

I suggest you pair your avocado toast with some classic fried eggs and a cup of coffee, they make it perfect, and you’d want to have some abundant breakfast because this Miami itinerary requires a lot of energy. 

Work Off Breakfast With A Bike Ride

After your well-deserved breakfast, it is time to do some touring, and what better way to get to know Miami than on a bike? Next to Bebito’s, you can find a bike rental with affordable hourly prices. I love being active while traveling so this and walking are two of my favorite options to explore cities!

The next activity on this Miami itinerary is cruising the Venetian Causeway, one of the most important bike connectors in the County that links Miami and Miami Beach. It is around 2.5 miles, filled with beautiful sights and other friendly cyclists. 

Suppose you’re looking for specific things to do in Miami with your bike. In that case, my go-to spots include the Holocaust Museum (1933-1945 Meridian Ave), the Botanical Garden (2000 Convention Center Drive), and the Art Walk near the Convention Center in Miami Beach.

Lunch at Bodega

Only one day in Miami and want a quality, fulfilling, and affordable lunch? Then head over to Bodega Taqueria y Tequila on South Beach. It serves authentic Mexican food with the best drinks you’ll ever have, in an electric space filled with music and good vibes.

It is one of the most crowded spots at night, thanks to the club atmosphere that it generates. A quick tip, if you just want to grab something to eat, skip the line, go inside, and find the register. Most people queue for the club located in the back of the place.

Kayak and Paddle Board

Time for some fun water activities to make your one day in Miami memorable. You can find great rental deals at Sunset Harbor Drive, and the average hourly price starts at $15. Both kayaking and paddle boarding are great ways to unwind while soaking up some sun and enjoying the famous Miami weather. 

If you don’t know which rental to choose, I recommend you go for the places that offer professional instruction, and life jackets included in the price. Ideally, in addition to this, you’d want to be offered a place to store your belongings and access to a changing room for the same price as well.

Walk Ocean Drive 

Art Deco On Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive is perhaps the most famous street in Miami, and you can’t miss out on it while in the city. Here you can admire some incredible art buildings, as well as grab something to eat at the many restaurants and cafes available. If you’re like me, you’ll love to browse the countless stores that are located on Ocean Drive.

Many people love to skate and run, so if you’re looking to do some physical activity while touring it is the perfect place to do it. You’ll enjoy stunning views of the ocean and surrounding nature, which is perfect for a quick picture before continuing with your day.

Dinner At Abbale

Dip at Abbale

Abbale is a Telavivian restaurant specializing in Mediterranean cuisine, more specifically, traditional dishes from Tel Aviv. The food is everything you’d expect in a place like this, delicious, generous, and fresh. This place is excellent for those looking to try new food while visiting Miami for a day. 

Some of the most popular dishes include Sumac Chicken Shashlik, Shakshuka, and Jerusalem Bagel. I’d recommend you make a reservation to ensure you have a table ready by the time you need it. It tends to be pretty booked at night, so it is best to call or book a reservation online.

Stroll South Pointe Park

South Pointe Park Pier

The last thing on this 1-day Miami itinerary is taking a stroll on South Pointe Park, the best spot for taking Insta-worthy pictures of the city. It is a beautiful place filled with palm trees and a wide path to stroll, and I can’t forget to mention the multiple benches available to sit and catch up with a good book.

It is a family-friendly park with many fun activities for kids, like the motion-activated mini splash zone, as well as picnic and barbecue areas. As if this wasn’t enough, the park features a nice beach with lifeguards, umbrellas, and beach chair rentals.

There are various restrooms and outdoor showers available as well, so I’d say this park has everything you need for a perfect afternoon outdoors. 

Final Words For Spending 1 Day In Miami

In this post, we shared our ultimate 1-day in Miami itinerary that is filled with plenty of food and some great physical activity options for active travelers. Miami is a unique city that truly has it all. 

Save this Miami itinerary for later or send it to a friend who needs one. The spots and activities included are perfect for exploring the city without feeling exhausted.

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