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170+ Safari Captions: Roar Into Adventure For Your Instagram Posts

Looking for some roaring (pun intended) safari captions for Instagram? You came to the right spot. Nothing like being in the Serengeti looking for the Big Five. Although Africa can leave you speechless, with these Safari Instagram captions, no one will know. 

So you can easily just snag these 170+ safari captions for your Instagram photos. So let’s hop in our jeep and get ready for these adventurous Safari quotes. 

Check out my safari in Kenya to use these safari captions!

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Safari Captions

Time to begin with these roaring safari captions!

  • Catching safari sunrises, not feelings. 
  • On a safari, every hour is a golden hour. 
  • Life is too short not to go on the safari. 
  • Swapped city lights for starry safari nights. 
  • Life is short. Go on the safari. 
  • Safari adventures with big cuddly beasts. 
  • Safari vibes and wild hearts. 
  • This safari is wild. 
  • P.S. Africa I love you. 
  • Let the safari vibes guide us. 
  • I bless the rains down in Afrrrrrica. 
  • Embracing my inner explorer, one safari at a time. 
  • Gonna travel, gonna travel wild and free. 
  • This safari is priceless. 
  • Come on a safari with me.
  • Answering the call of the savannah. 

Safari Captions For Instagram

  • Roaming with the wild and free. 
  • Walking on the wild side of life. 
  • No cage, no boundaries, just freedom. 
  • Getting lost in the wilderness. 
  • Walking on the wild side of life. 
  • Sunsets in the savanna. 
  • Another day, another grand safari adventure!
  • Ticking off the ‘big 5’ list on safari. 
  • Journeying into the heart of the wild, forever changed. 
  • Roaming with the Big Five in the heart of the wild. 
  • Checked off the Big Five on my safari bucket list. 
  • We’re going on an adventure. 
  • Keep calm, we’re on a safari. 
  • I came, I saw, I went on a safari and found myself. 

Safari Puns For Instagram 

  • Just hanging with the ‘mane’ squad. 
  • Just lion around. 
  • Oh deer!
  • These views are tree-mendous!
  • That was ele-phantastic!
  • Are you lion?
  • Jeep in the jungle. 
  • I herd you went on a safari without me. 
  • We’re not kitten around here.
  • On safari, every day is hump day if you’re a camel.
  • Safari it’s been a good time. 
  • Living the life in a hippo lane. 
  • Monkey see, monkey do
  • Ready to roar into the weekend. 
  • Going on a safari is a game-changer!
  • I went on a safari…it was in-tents!
  • You’re giraffing me crazy. 
  • The safari doesn’t kitten around. 
  • This safari is a roaring good time. 
  • Over the moon!
  • This was roar-some!
  • Tree-t yo’self. 
  • She is always lion!
  • Your point is irrelephant!

Short Instagram Safari Captions

  • Where the wild things are. 
  • Hakuna Matata!
  • Roam free. 
  • Safari mode. 
  • The wildlife. 
  • Animal kingdom. 
  • Child of nature. 
  • The great, wild somewhere. 
  • Rhythm of the wild. 
  • Safari squad goals. 
  • Getting my safari on. 
  • Safari mode: engaged!
  • The lion sleeps tonight.
  • Call of the wild!
  • Let’s get wild. 
  • Serengeti dreamin’
  • Answering the call of the wild. 
  • Going wild. 
  • Safari sunsets. 
  • Savannah wonderland. 
  • Be kind to animals. 
  • Here is where I belong. 
  • The real jungle. 
  • It’s the animal kingdom. 
  • Don’t feed the animals. 

Cute Safari Captions 

  • I shall call him Squishy, and he shall be mine. 
  • Cuteness roams freely. 
  • Safari mission accomplished: spotted the Big Five. 
  • Cuteness overload: safari edition. 
  • I’m the queen of this jungle.  
  • An African savanna is what my heart longs for. 
  • It’s a jungle out there. 
  • Found my spirit animal; it’s a gazelle. 
  • Wild and cute: my fave safari combo. 
  • My kind of furries. 
  • Be brave like a lion. 
  • Here with Mother Nature. 
  • Zebras crossing have a whole new meaning here. 
  • Tiny paw prints on my heart. 
  • From the concrete jungle to the wild savanna. 
  • Take the scenic route. 
  • Take a walk on the wild side. 
  • In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight. 

Funny Safari Captions For Instagram

  • Lions, zebras, and birds, oh my! 
  • I didn’t choose the safari life. The safari life chose me…and then chased me.
  • I don’t always go on safaris, but when I do, I pack my courage. 
  • Whoever said don’t feed the animals never had a monkey steal their lunch. 
  • I thought I was in shape until I tried to keep up with a gazelle. 
  • How many tickles does it take to make a hippo laugh? Two, but only if you’re fast.
  • A moment of silence for all the bugs that hit my face during the safari ride.
  • Is it just me, or does that zebra look like it’s wearing pajamas?
  • Channeling my inner National Geographic photographer. 
  • Went on a safari and realized I’ve been pronouncing ‘hippopotamus’ wrong all my life.
  • King of the Jungle and my heart. 
  • Sure, I love all animals. But why did it have to be snakes?
  • I said, ‘Safari so good!’ Then, I saw the size of the spiders.
  • I came for the lions, stayed for the monkeys, and left because of the mosquitoes. 
  • It’s all fun and games until someone loses their snack to a monkey.
  • The best advice when going on a safari: Don’t get caught between a lion and its lunch!
  • Unleashing my wild side. 
  • Living the Zebra Life: bold, beautiful, and adventurous. 
  • Bagged a front-tow seat to this wildlife drama. 
  • My chances of outrunning this cheetah? Zero to none.

Safari Animal Captions For Instagram 

  • The roar of a lion, the call of the wild, the adventure of a lifetime. 
  • In the presence of giants.
  • A long came a giraffe.
  • Forget your troubles and enter the wild. 
  • Where the wild things roam, and the adventurous follow.
  • Zebras on fleek today. 
  • Roaming with the lions. 
  • All things are wild and free.  
  • Safari rule #1: Don’t drop your sandwich. The monkeys will grab it.
  • The call of the wild is loud and true. 

Beautiful Safari Captions

  • In the heart of the wild, we find ourselves. 
  • Embracing my inner leopard and unleashing my fierce side. 
  • We Are All Connected In The Great Circle Of Life
  • Inside all of us is… A Wild Thing. 
  • Beautiful moments in the wild. 
  • The animal kingdom. 
  • Wild is the nature within us, and it cries for release. 
  • An escape into the unknown. 
  • Embracing the wilderness here. 
  • Africa is not a place to visit, it’s home. 

Safari Quotes For Instagram

  • “Study nature, love nature, and stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”- Frank Lloyd Wright 
  • “In Africa, you have space…there’s a profound sense of space here, space and sky.”-Thabo Mbeki  
  • “Every time I look at a zebra, I can’t figure out whether it’s black with white stripes or white with black stripes, and that frustrates me.” – Jodi Picoult
  • “Everything in Africa bites, but the safari bug is worst of all.” – Brian Jackman
  • “If there were one more thing I could do, it would be to go on safari once again.” – Karen Blixen
  • “Behold the zebra on the plains, and shudder at his mighty manes!”- Ogden Nash
  • “I hope you have an experience that alters the course of your life because, after Africa, nothing has ever been the same.” – Suzanne Evans 
  • “When you have caught the rhythm of Africa, you find out that it is the same in all her music — Karen Blixen
  • “I dream of an Africa, which is in peace with itself.” — Nelson Mandela
  • “A lion doesn’t concern itself with the opinion of sheep.”- George R. R. Martin
  • “There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter.”- Ernest Hemingway 
  • “The leopard does not change his spots.”- Jeremiah 13:23, King James Bible 
  • “It was wildest, untouched Africa, and it was magic.” – Jane Goodall
  • “The clearest way into the Universe is through the wilderness.”- John Muir 
  • “There is something about safari life that makes you forget all your sorrows and feel as if you had drunk half a bottle of champagne — bubbling over with heartfelt gratitude for being alive.”-Unknown  
  • “They say an elephant never forgets. What they don’t tell you is, you never forget an elephant.” – Bill Murray 
  • “There is always something new out of Africa.” — Pliny the Elder 
  • “Africa has her mysteries, and even a wise man cannot understand them. But a wise man respects them.” – Miriam Makeba
  • “Old and new kiss everywhere in Africa.”-  John Gunther

More Safari Quotes For Instagram 

  • “I asked my guide if he’d ever been lost on safari. He replied, ‘I’ve never been lost, but I was bewildered for about three days once.”- Daniel Boone 
  • “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”- African proverb
  • “Nature is not a place to visit, it is home.” Gary Snyder 
  • “You are not a country, Africa. You are a concept. You are not a concept, Africa. You are a glimpse of the infinite.” — Ali Mazrui
  • “One cannot resist the lure of Africa.” – Rudyard Kipling 
  • “Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • “The love of all living creatures is the noblest attribute of man.” – Charles Darwin
  • “An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.”- Martin Buber
  • “The love for all living creatures is the noblest attribute of man.” -Charles Darwin 
  • “If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.”- John Heminway 
  • “Africa changes you forever, like nowhere on earth. Once you have been there, you will never be the same. But how do you begin to describe its magic to someone who has never felt it?”-Brian Jackman
  • “The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa – for he has so much to look forward to.”- Rich Mullins 
  • “Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up, it knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the lion or a gazelle-when the sun comes up, you’d better be running.”- Christopher McDougall 
  • “I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up and was not happy.”-Ernest Hemingway 
  • “Well, the buzz from the bees is that the leopards are in a bit of a spot. And the baboons are going ape over this. Of course, the giraffes are acting like they’re above it all.”-Mufasa, The Lion King

Safari Captions For Instagram Conclusion

That’s a wrap on these safari captions! I hope you enjoyed this curated list of cute safari captions for Instagram. It was so much fun compiling this list and brought back so many memories of my adventures in the Serengeti and my safari in Kenya. Tell me below which of these safari captions, wildlife captions for Instagram, safari puns, and safari Instagram captions was your favorite. Let me know in the comments below. 

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