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A Perfect One-Week St. Lucia Itinerary For Exploring Natural Beauty and Culture

St. Lucia is a stunning Caribbean destination filled with natural beauty and rich cultural experiences. It is filled with plenty of attractions to see and fun activities to enjoy, perfect for a week-long escapade.

In this post, we’ll share the only one-week St. Lucia itinerary you need to have the best trip of your life.

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When To Visit St. Lucia?

St. Lucia is one of the many islands in the Caribbean that offer breathtaking beaches and lush rainforests, and as with other Caribbean destinations, there are a few times in the year it might be best to visit it.

The best time to visit for this St. Lucia itinerary is in Spring (March to May), which is when rainfall is least likely, days are sunny, temperatures are pleasant, and fewer crowds can be found exploring the attractions. During this period, visitors can fully enjoy the underwater coral gardens, go on nature walks in the lush tropical forests, and swim at wonderful beaches – making it an ideal Caribbean holiday getaway!

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Where To Stay In St. Lucia 

At the Sugar Beach Viceroy, you can be in harmony with nature and achieve the ultimate luxury getaway. Here, you’ll find 100 acres of pristine rainforest sprawled across a former 18th-century sugar plantation and Pitons beaches, all leading up to your private cottage or luxury suite on the Caribbean Sea. 

Indulge in spa treatments in treehouses, barefoot walks on the beach, and experience a culinary journey surrounded by vibrant gardens and spectacular natural beauty. Hiking through the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Pitons will also allow you to reconnect with yourself as you behold this stunning paradise.

Getting Around St. Lucia 

St. Lucia offers plenty of transportation options to get around the island, depending on your budget, preferences, and needs. Here’s a brief breakdown of how to get around St. Lucia:

1) Minibus:

The minibus system is by far the most convenient and affordable to explore the island. It runs between many popular destination within St. Lucia such as Castries, Soufriere, Rodney Bay, Vieux Fort, and more.

2) Taxi:

Taxis are another great option for getting around St. Lucia quickly. They may be a pricer than taking the minibus; however, taxis here are relatively affordable and usually run on a fixed-rate system. Most popular locations have a fixed rate.

3) Rent a Car:

If you’d prefer to have more freedom and flexibility when exploring St. Lucia, renting a car is the way to go. Many reputable car rental companies are on the island, with reasonable prices.

4) Bicycles:

You can rent bicycles for a more leisurely and eco-friendly way to explore the island. This is an ideal option for exploring some of St. Lucia’s smaller towns, such as Anse La Raye or Choiseul.

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St. Lucia Itinerary Map

Have all these spots on this St. Lucia Itinerary handy and download his map on your Google Maps app.

If you get more time with this itinerary here are some other restaurants worth trying:

  • Flavors Of The Grill
  • Deanery Fish Fiesta
  • Jambe De Bois

Perfect One-Week St. Lucia Itinerary

St. Lucia Itinerary Day 1

Settle Into the Hotel

After arriving at the beautiful St. Lucia, go to your hotel and spend some time unpacking and familiarizing yourself with the area. If you arrive in the morning, grab breakfast at your hotel or nearby cafe!

For your first day, we recommend you head over to Pidgeo Island National Park, an 18th-century military building with panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea.

Relax At The Pool & Beach At Hotel

Hotels feature incredible pools and beaches within their premises, which is very convenient thus you don’t need to leave the building for a quick relaxing time. For lunch, go to a local restaurant, like Coal Pot or The Pink Plantation House, and explore their mouth-watering menus.

After this, take a catamaran cruise to see the famous Pitons mountains. Make sure you have your camera ready to snap some stunning pictures. Here you can also snorkel and swim if you’d like.

Dinner At Rabot Restaurant

Rabot Restaurant is a must-try on your list. This place offers a unique dining experience with beautiful views of the Pitons, as well as a Caribbean-inspired menu, featuring chocolate-themed dishes made with cocoa from the hotel’s plantation.

After dinner, you can either relax and enjoy your evening or attend a local cultural show that takes place at the hotel or on nearby streets.

Day 2 Of One Week In St. Lucia

 Soufriere Village in Soufriere, Saint Lucia a must on a St. Lucia itinerary.
Soufriere Village Soufriere, Saint Lucia

Explore The Village of Soufriere

Soufriere is located at the bottom of a 2,000-foot volcano, surrounded by lush vegetation and incredible coastal views. The village has plenty of fun activities to choose from, such as horseback riding, and botanical garden visits.

You can learn more about their history by touring the colonial architecture with an experienced local, like Diamond Falls Mineral Baths and its amazing drive-in volcano.

Swim At Soufriere Beach Park

Soufriere Beach Park is the best place to enjoy a day full of swimming, sunbathing, and other fun activities like paddle boarding and kayaking. This place features white sand and crystal-clear waters, accompanied by incredible views of the Pitons. We highly recommend you visit this beach as it is one of our favorite beaches in St. Lucia.

Grab A Bite To Eat At Orlando’s

Orlando’s is a local eatery at the Marigot Beach Club, that serves delicious Caribbean cuisine such as jerk chicken and conch fritters, all with wonderful ocean views.

Visit Sulfur Springs

Spend the afternoon at the Sulfur Springs/Pools and get access to mud baths for a unique, therapeutic experience. Soak in the mineral-rich waters and take part in spa treatments such as massages or facials. 

Relax in the warm mineral waters and their curative properties, then emerge refreshed and revitalized in this tropical paradise. For a truly idyllic experience, you can even explore the springs via a leisurely river cruise, taking it all in a while being surrounded by lush foliage and exotic birdsong.


End day two of this St. Lucia itinerary with a visit to one of the nearby waterfalls for an unforgettable experience. You can go for a swim in their refreshing waters, hike to the top for stunning views, and discover hidden caves along the way. Enjoy breathtaking scenery, and make sure to bring your camera!

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St. Lucia Itinerary Day 3

Tet Paul Nature Trail in St. Lucia. A must to put on your St. Lucia itinerary.
Tet Paul Nature Trail

Hike the Tet Paul Nature Trail

The Tet Paul Nature Trail allows you to trek through some of the island’s most scenic spots, such as their iconic lush forests, and cliffs. Guides are available to give you a little tour of the place while educating you on the local flora and fauna.

Lunch at Martha’s Table

Martha’s Table is a local eatery famous for its fresh seafood dishes and stunning views of the Pitons. Some excellent dishes to try out at the Caribbean jerk chicken and plantain. After lunch, you can explore nearby attractions such as the Morne Coubaril Estate or the drive-in volcano.

Enjoy The New Jerusalem Mineral Baths

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon at the New Jerusalem Mineral Baths. The baths are renowned for their healing properties, and you can soak in the warm thermal waters while taking in gorgeous views of the Caribbean Sea. After your soak, take part in activities such as mud baths or spa treatments.

One Week In St. Lucia Day 4

Snorkel At The Beautiful Anse Chastanet Beach

Day four of this St. Lucia itinerary will begin at the beautiful Anse Chastanet Beach by partaking in some snorkeling. Here you can explore an underwater world of tropical fish and coral reefs, swim with sea turtles, and admire colorful schools of reef fish. 

With its crystal clear waters and white sand beaches, this beach is a perfect spot to relax and take in the stunning views of St. Lucia.

Eat At Zion Lion Farm

For lunch, head to Zion Lion Farm for some delicious Caribbean cuisine. Enjoy traditional dishes like grilled fish, rice, peas, and fresh seasonal vegetables. Make sure to try their famous local rum punch too! 

Within its rustic walls, time stands still as diners savor the delicious mixture of local ingredients and spices against an idyllic backdrop – impressive palm trees, waving hills, vast blue skies, and mountains rising in the distance. 

Hop Over To Anse Mamin Beach

End your day at Anse Mamin Beach. This secluded beach is a great spot for a romantic getaway and features beautiful coral reefs, perfect for snorkeling. Enjoy some of the best sunsets in St. Lucia here and relax on the powdery white sand as you take in spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea. 

Have dinner at one of the many beachside restaurants and bars for a truly unforgettable experience!  You can also go horseback riding, kayaking, or fishing here. No matter how you spend your day, it is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

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St. Luica Itinerary Day 5

A St. Lucia itinerary must is Castries Central Market.
Castries Central Market

Take A Trip To Another Side Of The Island

What’s great about St. Lucia is that you can easily explore various parts of the island in one day, excellent for admiring its beauty from another angle. Make a mini itinerary where you stop for a swim or picture before heading to Marigot Bay, where you can relax on its stunning beaches, wander through lush tropical gardens, and explore the charming waterfront villages.

Stop At The Central Market In Castries

The Central Market in Castries features fresh local produce and lovely souvenirs. Here, you can find anything from spices and handmade crafts to locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Dine At Cap Maison The Cliff At Cap

The Cliff at Cap is a well-known restaurant located at the top of a cliff, as you might’ve guessed from its name, that offers excellent Italian dishes with breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea and the Pitons.

Week In St. Lucia Day 6

Posing with Gros Piton in the background.
Enjoying the view of Gros Piton

Gros Piton

Set off early in the morning and make your way to the Gros Piton. This stunning mountain is one of St. Lucia’s most iconic landmarks, rising 2,438 feet above sea level. Hike up the steep slopes and take in incredible views of the Caribbean Sea, or explore its lush rainforest terrain. Whatever you do, bring your camera and capture these stunning views!

Lunch At Dasheene (Ladera Resort)

Dasheene, located at the Ladera Resort features a great menu with stunning views of the Caribbean Sea and live music shows by local musicians. After lunch, explore the surrounding gardens before heading back down the mountain.

Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens

The Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens have a wide variety of exotic plants, cascading waterfalls and bubbling hot springs. You can bathe in the Mineral Pool as well as take a guided tour around the place to learn more about its history, flora and fauna.

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St. Lucia Itinerary Day 7

Chill At Sugar Beach

The last of this St. Lucia itinerary we head over to Sugar Beach for one last swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. We recommend you grab a bite at the Beach Bar, especially their famous Cauliflower Burger with mango chutney and herb mayonnaise – it’s delicious!

Dine At The Cane Bar For Dinner

The Cane Bar has the best St. Lucia and Caribbean cuisine and specializes in Asian-inspired cocktails to accompany your meals, including their traditional matcha iced tea, shiso, and raspberry caipirinha. 

Those wanting to explore flavors even further can couple their libations with Southeast Asian-inspired dishes. From tempura shrimp and creamy mango panna cotta to pandan waffles and more, the Cane Bar promises a unique dining experience that will excite both palate and soul. Enjoy your meal while admiring the spectacular views of both the sea and mountains – it’s a sight you won’t soon forget!

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St. Lucia Itinerary Final Thoughts

St. Lucia is an island full of culture, adventure, and exploration! From exploring its lush rainforest terrain to tasting its flavorful seafood dishes, there’s no shortage of activities to do on the island – you have to know where to look. St. Lucia itinerary you won’t leave feeling like you missed something.

We hope this seven-day itinerary has given you some ideas for your next St. Lucia adventure! Safe travels, and have fun exploring the beauty of St. Lucia!

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