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Visiting Antarctica With Azamara Voyages: A Chilling Adventure

Antarctica, the world’s southernmost continent, remains one of the last true wilderness areas on Earth and offers stunning landscapes and encounters with unique wildlife. As you may know, visiting Antarctica you cannot just book a flight or plan a quick trip, thus there is only one way to get there, and you need to properly prepare, research, package, and more.

This sounds like a lot, but I promise you this post will answer all of your questions, and give you invaluable advice and information you need to make an Antarctica expedition. Ready to explore this icy wonderland?

Here is all you need to know about hopping on a cruise to Antarctica with Azamara Voyages. Let’s go!

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Best Time To Go To Antarctica

Azamara Antarctica Widescreen + TEXT from Steven Berrebi on Vimeo.

As with any other destination, Antarctica has a special time of the year when it is ideal to visit, which is from November to March. This period is known as the Antarctic Summer, with temperatures relatively milder, and active wildlife.

November is the best time to go to Antarctica and cruise through the stunning snowscapes and possibly the penguins’ courtship rituals. December and January are perfect months for an Antarctica expedition as well, especially if you’d love to see seals, whales, and vast colonies of penguins. The remaining two months are known for offering warmer temperatures and plenty of opportunities to observe whale migrations.

How To Get To Antarctica

There are two ways to travel to Antarctica, by plane or by ship, and they both offer different experiences for tourists. Flying to Antarctica takes around 2 hours, and you can get on a plane from Punta Arenas, Chile, to the Antarctica Peninsula, but this won’t get you to the Antarctica you’re traveling to, after your plane, you still need to get on a ship. Bear in mind that there are no commercial flights to Antarctica, the only plane available is the one just mentioned.

The other way to travel to Antarctica, my favorite, is by ship. Antarctica cruises are the perfect way to get to your destination while touring other countries, such as Argentina and Chile. There are very few departure points where you can begin your Antarctica expedition, so it is crucial to have this in mind when planning your budget.

Cost To Get To Antarctica

The cost of visiting Antarctica will depend on the type of trip you’re planning. For an Antarctica cruise, you need around 20 days to get to your destination (because you’re visiting other countries as well), before that you need to go to the departure point and we can’t forget about the appropriate clothing, whether yours or a rental kit. Apart from this, you should consider the cost of insurance, transfers, meals, and tips.

Overall, the cost to get to Antarctica can start at around $7,000.

Prepare For The Drake Passage

If you’ve been doing some research for your Antarctica cruise, you’ve probably read some things about the Drake Passage, also known as the “Drake Shake ” and “Drake Lake”. It is a true challenge for travelers due to its turbulent waters and unpredictable weather. 

Even the most frequent cruise travelers struggle with seasickness when crossing the Drake Passage, so packing some essentials might help you make this part of your trip easier. Motion sickness medication, seasickness bands, and other remedies can help, and don’t forget to always stay hydrated and follow the ship’s crew’s instructions.

What To Pack For Antarctica

Icebergs in Antarctica a must see when visiting Antarctica.
Icebergs in Antarctica

This section is perhaps the most important one of the entire post, so pay close attention!

Antarctica is not your typical destination; if you forget to pack certain things, you can quickly go to the store and purchase them. There are only a few souvenir shops there, and most of them are only open from November to March. Therefore, if you’re planning an Antarctica expedition, packing for a long flight and this cruise early is key.

Take your time when packing and ensuring you have everything you need, and in case you need to purchase something or borrow it from someone, you have enough time to do so. Antarctica is not the type of trip you can pack for the night before.

Why Cruise To Antarctica With Azamara Voyages

Azamara cruise ship

We mentioned that the best way to get to Antarctica is by ship, and if we talk about top-class cruises we have to mention Azamara Voyages. They have the best Antarctica cruise that also includes various stops in nearby places like  Argentina, Uruguay, Falkland Islands, and Chile, which will make your trip more unique and memorable.

Azamara Voyages feature a wide variety of dining venues and room service—room service, on a ship!— drinks, exclusive cultural events, and my personal favorite: unlimited self-service laundry. All of this is already included in your package.

But what makes Azamara Voyages stand out from the rest is their attention to detail and how they’re always there to help you out, especially with one-of-a-kind trips such as Antarctica. 

Top Antarctica Cruise Itinerary

To help you understand the magnitude of a trip to Antarctica, below you can find an itinerary with key destinations and activities you can do on and off the ship when sailing with Azamara Voyages. 

Day 1 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires will be the starting point of this trip, and I highly recommend you arrive here with hours to spare to explore the city’s landmarks such as the iconic Plaza de Mayo, and Recoleta Cemetery, before you get on the ship.

Day 2 Montevideo, Uruguay

Waking up in Uruguay, what a blessing! After breakfast, it is time to get off the ship and start exploring the second country of this Antarctica cruise. I recommend you visit Ciudad Vieja, Plaza Independencia, and the bustling Mercado del Puerto before you get on the ship again.

Day 3, 4 & 5 At Sea

Day 3-5 you’ll get to tour the ship and enjoy some of the amenities offered, like spa and fitness center, restaurants, bars, and stunning performances to keep you entertained on board. 

Day 6 Port Stanley, Falkland Islands

On day 6 you’ll get to explore Port Stanley, the capital of the Falklands, and visit nearby attractions like Gypsy Cove, Volunteer Point, and the Falkland Islands Museum.

Day 7 At Sea

Congrats on completing the first week of your Antarctica cruise trip, you’ve earned yourself a peaceful day at sea, filled with plenty of things to do or places to relax. Wander through the incredible ship and admire the stunning view of the ocean while enjoying a drink or a nice cup of coffee.

Day 8, 9, 10 Antarctic Sound Peninsula (3 days)

The highlight of the journey is three days exploring the Antarctic Sound Peninsula, where you can admire towering icebergs, pristine glaciers, and colonies of penguins, seals, and seabirds. There are plenty of guided excursions via Zodiac boats that offer up-close encounters with the wildlife as you travel to Antarctica as well as the stunning landscape.

Day 11 At Sea

After the 3-day adventure, it is time to get on the ship and sail away. You’ll probably want to sleep all day or just chill around the ship, which is totally acceptable. Take your time to recharge your batteries and enjoy the way back home.

Day 12 Ushuaia, Argentina

The first stop on the way back is Ushuaia, a one-of-a-kind paradise. If you’re traveling from November to March, this place will greet you with summer, so make sure you’re packing some light clothes as well.

Day 13 & 14 At Sea

Day 13 and 14 are perfect for putting on your Summer outfits to enjoy more Argentinian spots, as well as to prepare for the next days ahead. Don’t forget to take pictures of the stunning ocean view.

Day 15 Puerto Madryn, Argentina

Puerto Madryn, Argentina

Before returning to Buenos Aires, you’ll make a final stop in Puerto Madryn, Argentina, a coastal city known for its unique wildlife and natural beauty. You can explore the nearby Valdes Peninsula, home to penguins, sea lions, and southern right whales.

Day 16 & 17 At Sea

Enjoy these two final days on the ship and don’t forget to buy some souvenirs and enjoy as much as you can of what’s left of your trip. This time is perfect for relaxing and putting away your clothes and belongings so you don’t have to rush on the last day.

Day 18 Buenos Aires, Argentina

The journey concludes back in Buenos Aires, where you’ll disembark with memories of an unforgettable Antarctic adventure with Azamara Voyages, which I’m sure will leave you wanting more.

Visiting Antarctica Final Words

If you’re looking for a destination to add to your travel bucket list, Antarctica is the perfect one. Many companies offer Antarctica cruises, but no one has what Azamara Voyages offer. Their attention to detail, experts ready to help you with whatever you need and comfortable amenities make any trip feel luxurious and memorable. 

I hope this post helps you bring some clarity around visiting Antarctica and what you should expect/budget for. Save this post for later because you don’t want to forget anything when planning your trip to Antarctica! 

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